About us

MetalArt - Tetovo is a company for designing, planning, and producing a wide capacity of metal constructions. We are fully equipped with machines and tools for independent production of hot water and thermogenic pellet boilers, and pellet and wood fireplaces. Our Company was created in 1999. From the beginning of our work, our production, our assortment and volume of our work has grown.

Today our company has up to 25 employees - qualified personnel, from engineers to qualified construction workers. Our main activity is producing, planning and designing metal stands, equipment for markets, shelves, holders for different products, different types of cages and many other products.

Our production quality is very high. This is a result of our advanced technology. Our products are well known, thanks to our quality.

Proof of our successful business is longtime cooperation with many well-known companies: WRIGLEY, NESTLE, COCA-COLA, COLGATE, HIPP and others.