The pellets as fuel are a renewable source of energy, with clean combustion and convincingly the lowest price compared to all other energy sources.

Trends in environmental protection, global warming, energy security and the constant rise in oil prices in the last ten years has prompted many countries to turn to pellets and to renew their production. Growing numbers of biomass sources that can be used to produce pellets are daily revealed and this expands their implementation in everyday life.

In order to gain better insight and personal verification of the quality and reliability of boilers and pellets, we present you this reference list from some of our users:

Mimaco sawdust
Nursery Berovo
Nursery Jurumleri
Coffee Bar „My Place“
Diary plant Prilep
"Napredok" Tetovo
Green house Kitka
Petrovec MAK
President Kosovo
Renault MAK
Residential object
Tennis playground
Hotel "Tasino Cesmice"
Nursery - Vinica 2 х 150 KW Primary school - Vinica 2 х 250 KW
Nursery in Jurumleri - Skopje 100 KW Nursery - Berovo 120 KW
Nursery in v. Monospitovo - municipality of Bosilovo 35 KW Primary school in municipality of Brvenica 100 KW
Municipality building in municipality of Brvenica 60 KW Hotel "Tasino Cesmice" - Skopje 300 КW
Hotel “Premier” - Bitola 150 KW Hotel “Premier Centar” - Bitola 120 KW
Dairy plant - Prilep 100 KW Dairy plant - Bitola 100 KW
Printing house "Napredok" - Tetovo 2х100 KW PZU “Angelovski” - Skopje 80 KW
Production plant “Dijag doo” - Skopje 35 KW Printing house “Data Pons dooel”- Skopje 250 KW
Production plant "Mikrotim" - Kumanovo 100 KW Individual house in municipality of Chair - Skopje 60 KW
Individual house and store in Demirhisar 35 KW Individual house at Vodno - Skopje 35 KW
Weekend house in v. Sonje - Skopje 25 KW Shoe factory - Stip 60 KW
Pizza bar “Bure” - Bitola 35 KW Individual houses - Ruse, Tearce 2 х 35 KW
Individual house - Murtezan Ismaili, Tetovo 35 KW Coffee bar - Afrim, Tetovo 35 KW
Green house - IZ Kitka, Skopje 150 KW Chicken farm - Palestina 100 KW
Individual house - Palestina 35 KW School in Brvenica - municipality Brvenica 100 KW
Carton factory "Dami Pak" - Probistip 150 KW Hotel "Kicevo" - Kicevo 180 KW
Tennis playground in municipality of Aerodrom - Skopje 180 KW Coffee bar "Krem kafe" - Skopje 60 KW
Restaurant in Chair (fireplace with pelets) - Skopje 55 KW Business object - Kosovo 60 KW