Hot water boilers using wood and pellets for central heating, suitable for individual houses, office buildings, schools, sports halls, factory halls, hotels, restaurants etc.

The boilers are available with the following capacity:

MA 25/35/60

Boiler MA-25 MA-35 MA-60
Width 600mm + 500mm 600mm + 700mm 600mm + 700mm
Depth 900mm 1000mm 1000mm
Height 1400mm 1400mm 1400mm
Chimney f-160(Pa=150) f-160(Pa=150) f-160(Pa=150)
Working pressure 2.5bar 2.5bar 2.5bar
Amount of water 95 liters 110 liters 150 liters
Weight 460kg 520kg 570kg
Electrical motor 0.25KW 0.25KW 0.25KW
Fan 0.10KW 0.10KW 0.10KW
Heater 0.27KW 0.27KW 0.27KW
Min. area of boiler room 2x2m 2x2m 2x2m
Heating area up to 250m2 up to 350m2 up to 500m2

MA 100

Boiler MA-100
Width 800mm + 700mm
Depth 1200mm
Height 1550mm
Chimney f-200
Working pressure 3.0bar
Amount of water 360 liters
Weight 600kg
Electrical motor 0.25KW
Fan 0.30KW
Heater 0.27KW
Min. area of boiler room 3x3m
Heating area up to 800m2

MA 150/300

Boiler MA-150 MA-300
Width 900mm + 700mm 1300mm + tank
Depth 1400mm 1600mm
Height 2000mm 2000mm
Chimney f-200 f-250
Working pressure 3.0bar 3.0bar
Amount of water 460 liters 1300 liters
Weight 600kg 2000kg
Electrical motor 0.25KW 2KW/380V
Fan 0.30KW 0.50KW
Heater 0.27KW 0.27KW
Min. area of boiler room 3x3m 4x5m
Heating area up to 1500m2 up to 2500m2